Wild autumn art


Wild things III | Dorit

Macro photograph of wild flowers with textures added.

This is not the first time we talk about Dorit Fuhg, a photographer originally from Lauter in Saxony (Germany) who moved to Bournemouth (UK) in 2001 after living and working in Switzerland for 3 years and in Norway for a summer season. 
Photography means, for her, the best way to relax focusing on the subject… She currently uses a Canon EOS 50D to take her photos. Though some older images where taken with a Fujifilm S7000 or a Canon EOS IX7. She takes photos in RAW format and develop them in Adobe Photoshop’s built in RAW converter. Most of her black and white images have been taken in colour and later converted into black and white, using Photoshop.
In her images she strives to capture mood as well as visually stimulating cut outs of every day life…. and sees herself more as an image creator rather then a photographer.