Very London

Aunque los rascacielos no sean el símbolo que mejor caracterice la ciudad de Londres, comenzamos esta pequeña muestra con Office Tower, una fotografía en blanco y negro del fotógrafo Axalo. La instantánea está protagonizada por el contrapicado de dos edificios de la zona de South Bank de Londres, donde el hormigón marca la pauta para mostrar un degradado de claroscuros que enfatizan la perspectiva que conduce nuestra mirada hasta el cielo. Dentro de esta misma muestra dedicada a la capital británica, destacamos además otra serie de obras tomadas en otros lugares más reconocibles como el London Eye, Piccadilly Circus o el metro de Londres.


Office Tower | Axalo

downtown Dorit
STREET, Londoncarlossanchez
London Fantasy freshlook
London EyeSalvador …
Picadilly David Mor…
Metro Londres jarabadan

Things we like: 100th anniversary of the symbol of London Underground


In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the symbol of London Underground and London’s transport system – the ‘Roundel’ – Art on the Underground commissioned 100 artists to make brand new works of art inspired by the Roundel as a contemporary symbol for a world class transport system. All 100 works were on display for three weeks in London’s East End. A selection is now exhibited on the Underground as posters in a range of formats and can be seen at St James’s Park, White City, Piccadilly Circus and Heathrow Underground stations.

londontube_44-large.jpg londontube_67-large.jpg londontube_45-large.jpg

londontube_david-austen.jpg londontube_42-large.jpg londontube_rose.jpg


The series demonstrates a contemporary vision of one of the world’s most recognised brands. Reflecting upon a tradition initiated by Frank Pick in the 1920s and 30s, the artists interpreted what the ‘logo for London’ means to them today, employing the Roundel as a symbolic element of their works as opposed to its more frequent use as a branding mark.Invited artists were drawn from an international pool of individuals connected to the Tube through its commissioning programme Art on the Underground. The collection reflects the programme’s support for artists at various stages in their careers, from recent graduates to artists with a worldwide reputation.

Go to the project page on this project to view all 100 artworks