Directly from the far east. The EXIT Exhibition

Bajo el título the EXIT se muestran desde hoy sábado 18 de diciembre y hasta el próximo 18 de febrero de 2011, las obras de los artistas Emilie R., Chang Jinchao, Huzi y Yueyue en la B1 Gallery de Shanghai. Pinturas e Ilustraciones llegadas desde el lejano oriente ::: Del 18 de diciembre de 2010 al 18 de febrero de 2011 | B1 Gallery, 696 Weihai Lu, near Shanxi Lu


Directly from the far east and under the title of EXIT, artists Emilie R., Chang Jinchao, Huzi and  Yueyue show their new works, paintings and illustrations, at the B1 Gallery ::: From december 18th 2010 until february 18th 2011 | B1 Gallery, 696 Weihai Lu, near Shanxi Lu

Hang me up

E m i l i e R  (F r a n c e 1 9 8 0)  She started to paint at the age of 8, and never lost her curiosity for those quiet mutations of human being meanwhile acting as a designer all around the world (Canada, US, Europe and Asia).

Emilie’s figures are revealing her concern for body in this urban world, now: as an envelope carrying a soul. Perpetually evolving. She is working on representing an area that is messed up in between truth and lies. What you see is only what you want to look at. In between shadow and neon light, there is this in between unreachable that doesn’t even belong to anything known: Superfluity and pure holiness. 




Hang me up is about love.

We talk about love, we learn how to love. The very first moment of our embryonic life is about love. Trophy women. It is not about women. It is about how much we care. Affection is all we need. Time is all there is. Buried somewhere under our principles of freedom and individuality, there is a ruthless hunt for affection. I hang you up, and you’ll be mine forever. Passion, emotional closeness, desire, uniqueness, attachment as the most common and profoundly human needs. Love at it’s most superficial is a religion that kills loneliness. Hearts in bodies. You can get as many as you want, if you want.

Yet you will never get another soul for yourself.

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