Put the color ON

La Radio de miriam 

Black & White are the safe choices in photography and the design world. The color of luxury is elegant and subdued. Yet, at the same time, even top-tier photographers, designers, artists and luxury brands have always used bright colors as well. It is not about either or. It is not b&w or color. Just try telling those who love Andy Warhol’s art, Madrid’s Terminal 4 airport interiors, Veuve Clicquot’s packages, Paul Smith’s designs or Renzo Piano’s Central St. Giles façades in London, that the “designer look” is always predominantly black and white…

And although bright color is often associated with being a sort of primitive, wild, folk-art aesthetic, and therefore black and white would seem the serious and civilized alternative, color is not just wild, frivolous, and primitive. In fact, we are seeing a clear increase in the use of color in the broad design world. We see more color in commercial and residential architecture, interior design, art, installations, products, marketing, and communications.

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