In the frame: Simon Currell


Gideon | Simon Currell

Simon Currell‘s artwork (1976, Harrow – Middlesex. 33 yr old digital artist), has been motivated by over twelve years experience in employment as a telephone sales representative and is inspired by a perception of how corporate space has become commoditized within call centre workplaces. The artworks investigates how employees react to this perceived objectification through assimilating or appropriating objects within their work environment.

The artworks are created by manipulating and appropriating imagery, objects and general processes commonly associated with office-based work. The objects used for my artwork includes office partitioning, appliances, stationery and gadgets, whilst the photographic images he has generated also frequently refer to the general modular design plan of the call centre itself. The works establish and develops practicable artistic modes of inquiry, ones compatible with his own working terms of employment as a call center agent. Thus the artworks are frequently conceived in, experimented with and in some cases resolved from this workplace setting. The intention behind working in this way was to shift aspects of his artistic practice outside the conventional realm of a studio setting and relocate it firmly within the codes, conventions, expectations and environment of the companies facilitating my employment as a telesales representative.

The premise for such an investigation starts from the idea that company time and resources can become misused, reenergized and translated as an expressive means for communicating human emotion and creating art. It is his assertion that this act may be viewed as a humanizing impulse or form of resistance against what is arguably described as a dehumanizing and alienating workplace.

His artworks investigate spatial, material, digital and conceptual methods of interpreting call center workplaces. His research has used repetition, automation and homogeneity as an expressive means for creating art. As his artworks attest, these creative methods articulate a degree of dehumanization and methodical order that he perceives to be integral to the call center environment. The research develops a highly formal range of visual material that is approached with a deliberately fetishistic attention to detail. It is a body of work that investigates the culture of the contemporary call centre and navigates the processes of workplace assimilation and appropriation.


call centre aerial view
By: simoncurrell


Hole-Punched worker
By: simoncurrell


Churn 1
By: simoncurrell

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