MuseArtist: Watercolor Spills

La carrera artística de Jackson Pollock, estuvo caracterizada por un estilo libre y abstracto que poco a poco fue evolucionando del surrealismo al expresionismo abstracto. Pollock desarrolló una técnica llamada action-painting o dripping, consistente en derramar, dejar gotear o lanzar pintura sobre lienzos sin tensar. Una técnica que creó tendencia y marcó una época dentro del mundo del arte y seguida por otros muchos artistas. Casi podríamos afirmar que MuseArtist  se inpiró de forma consciente o inconciente en la obra de Pollock, para re-versionar esta técnica y crear ”Painted Face“: una obra que mezcla técnicas digitales y tradicionales en una composición que fusiona los característicos derrames de pintura de Pollock sobre el umbral de un rostro. 

 Painted Face by MuseArtist

Jackson Pollock’s artistic career, was characterized by a free and abstract style which gradually evolved from surrealism to abstract expressionism. Pollock developed a technique called action-painting or dripping, consisting of pouring, dripping or throwing paint on unstretched canvas. A technique that created a trend and marked an epoch in the world of art followed by many other artists. We could almost say that MuseArtist  was inspired -consciously or unconsciously- by the work of Pollock,  to make a new version of this technique to create “Painted Face“: a work that combines digital and traditional techniques in a unique composition that fuses Pollock’s characteristic spills with the threshold of a face.

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The best option

Which material do you prefer? has at your disposal a large range of printing materials and finishes to achive a unique effect.

These are the main characteristics that will help you to define the result that you want:

Printing Materials

Cotton Canvas
Fine Art Glicée printing on UV resistant and waterproof cotton canvas, wich is stretched mounted over a 3.6cm deep wooden interior frame ready to hang on the wall without need of a frame. The image wraps around the sides of the box frame.

Forex is a plastic material (Expanded PVC) ideal for high-quality images, printed directly on to a 5mm deep panel, using a professional process that guarantees maximum quality and durability over time. Each work is delivered ready to hang on the wall using a “frameless” solution that separates the image 3 cm from the wall, creating an effect of weightlessness

Images are printed directly to a 2mm deep anodized aluminium panel, and then attached to another panel, forming a sandwich structure stuffed with black rubber. This structure of great strength and durability contrasts with the delicacy and elegance of the aluminum, creating a play between the images and its magical metallic glints. Each work is delivered ready to hang on the wall using a “frameless” solution that separates the image 3 cm from the wall, creating an effect of weightlessness.

Images are printed on photographic quality paper and fixed onto a 5mm deep perspex. The high quality photographic printing , the translucent shine and the transparencey make a great combination that alights the colours, the brightness and the definition of your artworks, creating a magic light effect. The finished result is glamourous and unlike anything else.

Photo Gallery Frame
The PhotoGallery frame is the the revival of a timeless classic, for pictures that deserve to be the center of attention. Images are framed with a handcrafted 2.5 cm thick black lacquered wood frame, and a white mat of 6cm on each side. The digital images can be printed on metallized, glossy or matte Fuji paper. To protect the photo, the frame includes a non-glare glass. The result is elegant, sober, and if you combine several photos …you will be involved in a spectacular visual game.

Photographic Paper
Digital printing on glossy, matte (Fuji DP II Profesional) or metallized (Fuji Profesional) photographic paper. For sizes larger than 70*100 print is made on matte photographic quality paper. The artwork is delivered rolled inside a tube.

Photographic Paper mounted on black Forex
Digital printing on glossy, matte (Fuji DP II Profesional) or metallized (Fuji Profesional) photographic paper mounted on a 5 mm deep black Forex. The quality of the digitalprint in combination with the elegance of the black Forex, makes this material to be the most favorited and popular alternative among professional photographers. The artwork is delivered ready to hang on the wall using a “frameless” solution that separates the image 3 cm from the wall, creating a floating effect.

Hang me up

E m i l i e R  (F r a n c e 1 9 8 0)  She started to paint at the age of 8, and never lost her curiosity for those quiet mutations of human being meanwhile acting as a designer all around the world (Canada, US, Europe and Asia).

Emilie’s figures are revealing her concern for body in this urban world, now: as an envelope carrying a soul. Perpetually evolving. She is working on representing an area that is messed up in between truth and lies. What you see is only what you want to look at. In between shadow and neon light, there is this in between unreachable that doesn’t even belong to anything known: Superfluity and pure holiness. 




Hang me up is about love.

We talk about love, we learn how to love. The very first moment of our embryonic life is about love. Trophy women. It is not about women. It is about how much we care. Affection is all we need. Time is all there is. Buried somewhere under our principles of freedom and individuality, there is a ruthless hunt for affection. I hang you up, and you’ll be mine forever. Passion, emotional closeness, desire, uniqueness, attachment as the most common and profoundly human needs. Love at it’s most superficial is a religion that kills loneliness. Hearts in bodies. You can get as many as you want, if you want.

Yet you will never get another soul for yourself.

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Fluctuante e irreverente, el sexo es amor, arte, fetiche, ilusión… Un cúmulo de estímulos de incalculable poder, donde la fotografía artística cobra a demanda del espectador un papel fundamental a través de piezas que reúnen los componentes necesarios para plasmar sensaciones y proyectar emociones indescriptibles sobre instantáneas.

Floating and irreverent, SEX means love, art, fetish, illusion…all together at once. A cluster of stimuli and unexpected sensations of incalculable power, where photography takes a key role through pieces that meet and join the necessary components to project  indescribable feelings and emotions with and overdose of eroticism. 

Lower than human

Lower than human: 4 by  Tajana Šiždrak

Tajana Šiždrak was born in Zagreb in 1979. After graduating from the School of Applied Art and Design in 1997, Tajana enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (faculty of graphics). Following various prominent group exhibitions at Zagreb galleries, Tajana had her first independent exhibition at the “Vision” gallery in 2003 in Zagreb.
She has provided illustrations for Vesernji list, the Croatian travel guide “Hrvatski Hosteler” and illustrated books such “Pinokio” (Carlo Collodi) and “Branka” (August Šenoa). Her work has been exhibited in Johannesburg (South Africa), Belgrade, Zagreb, Berlin and Melville and she is currently spending much time designing and preparing exhibitions.
The artist has received noumerous acknowledgements and special honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

The series “Lower than Human” exhibited at, offers to the viewer forms and ideas placed right in the border between a real world and an abstract world, expressed through textures, shapes and graphic and photographic elements. Works that mix a recognizable reality, with other elements that belong to an abstraction which has been -intentionally- dyed in blue.

Por: TajanaSizdrak
Por: TajanaSizdrak
Por: TajanaSizdrak

Tajana Šiždrak nació en Zagreb en 1979. Tras graduarse en la Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Diseño en 1997, se matriculó en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Zagreb (Facultad de Diseño Gráfico) para completar su formación. Después de muchas exposiciones colectivas, expuso por primera vez en solitario en la “Galería Visión” de Zagreb en el 2003. Posee un curriculo admirable repleto de exposiciones colectivas, individuales y exibiciones en espacios públicos que la han hecho merecedora de numerosos reconicimientos y distinciones especiales otorgadas por la Academia de Bellas Artes de Zagreb. Entre los proyectos que ha llevado a cabo cabe además destacar las ilustraciones realizadas para libros y medios impresos como “Vesernji”,  The Croatian Travel Guide “Hrvatski Hosteler”, “Pinokio” (Carlo Collodi) y “Branka” (August Šenoa). Ha expuesto en ciudades de todo el mundo como Johanesburgo (Sudáfrica), Belgrado, Zagreb, Berlín o Melville. Actualmente, Tajana está inmersa en el desarrollo de nuevos proyectos y futuras exposiciones.

La serie “Lower than Human” expuesta en, ofrece al espectador una visión fronteriza entre un mundo real y un mundo abstracto a través de texturas, formas y elementos gráficos y fotográficos. Una muestra extremadamente interesante que mezcla una realidad reconocible a primera vista, con otros elementos que forman parte de una abstracción intencionadamente teñida de azul.

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Ideas Gráficas


Músico a rayas

Martín Elfman (Buenos Aires, 1976), posee una serie de ilustraciones fabulosas. Nos encanta sobretodo por su calidad artística, su esencia retro y por la intensidad controlada de sus colores. Es uno de esos artistas cuya vida está repleta de experiencias con un marcado carácter aventurero. Ha vivido en Israel, Barcelona, Lisboa, Venecia y Nápoles. Comienzó a trabajar como caricaturista callejero en Londres en el verano de 1999 y continuó desarrollado esta actividad por ciudades de toda Europa. A partir de septiembre de 2006 se instala definitivamente en Barcelona y comienza a colaborar como ilustrador y caricaturista en periódicos  como El País y El Periódico de Cataluña y en las revistas Benzina, Quimera, Minerva, Barceloner, El Malpensante, Punto y Seguido.

Por: Elfman
Por: Elfman

Argentine illustrator Martín Elfman (Buenos Aires, 1976), featured artist  in our gallery, has a range of fabulous prints. We love their retro quality and whimsical bright colours. He is one of those artists whose life is full of experiences with a distinctly adventurous spirit. He’s lived in Israel, Barcelona, Lisbon, Venice and Naples. He started as a cartoonist in the streets of London in 1999. Since then, he’s been painting in cities across Europe and with his return back to Barcelona in September 2006, he began to work as an illustrator and cartoonist for newspapers such as El Pais or El Periodico de Catalunya and the magazines Benzina, Quimera, Minerva, Barceloner, El Malpensante y Punto y Seguido.

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It all started with a Fox…From sketch to print, by Squirrell


The Fox and the Forest

Siempre he tenido curiosidad por saber cómo los artistas dan forma a sus proyectos. Cualquier creador que haya diseñado algo, conocerá perfectamente el complejo proceso que se lleva a cabo desde que uno se sienta delante de un folio blanco con la cabeza llena de ideas, hasta que… voilá: surge el resultado.

Y eso, entre otras cosas, es lo que le pregunté a Squirrell para que me contara el proceso que lleva a cabo con cada uno de sus diseños. Unos bocetos aparentemente sencillos y pintados a mano, muestran los pasos previos que dan forma a una de sus ilustraciones: The Fox and the Forest 

¿Cuándo comenzaste a diseñar?

Desde niño siempre he hecho cosas. He dibujado, he pintado y he hecho de todo.  Mis padres solían enfandarse conmigo porque pintaba todo lo que pillaba: las puertas del armario, la tele, los interruptores…afortunadamente ahora estoy bastante más comedido…

¿Por qué te haces llamar Squirrell?

Simplemente porque ese es mi nombre 😉

¿Has expuesto tus obras alguna vez?

Sí. He realizado varias exposiciones  a nivel local, en Kent, y además tengo algunas obras a la venta por galerías de la zona.

¿Has ganado algún premio?

Todavía no, aunque todo está por llegar…

¿Crees que en la actualidad los artistas cuentan con más oportunidades que antes para promocionarse gracias a plataformas artísticas como

Creo que lo que realmente ha conseguido Internet, es abrir las puertas del Arte al mundo. Y en concreto, lugares como facilitan y hacen más accesible para la gente, la compra y la venta de Arte de gran calidad a un precio razonable. Para mí es desde luego, un ejemplo y el camino a seguir.


I’ve always been curious to know how artists develop ideas from a starting point to create a body of work. Every artist who has ever painted or made an artwork, will perfectly know what this is all about and the complex process that takes place from the sketch to the finished print.

And among some other things, I asked Squirrell to reveal to me the process to know how his designs are conceived from the beginning. And voilá… some “apparently simple” handpainted sketches show us the previous steps that give shape to one of his works: The Fox and the Forest

When did you start to design?

I have always drawn, painted and made things.  I upset my parents by painting everything in my bedroom including the wardrobe, tv and light switch…  these days I am a little more restrained.

Why do you call yourself Squirrell? 

I call myself Squirrell because that is my name 😉

Have you ever exhibited your works?

I exhibit my paintings locally in Kent. I usually have some for sale in galleries near here.

Have you won any awards or prizes?

…I have not won any major awards or prizes… yet!Do you think there are now more opportunities than ever for artists through platforms like

I think the internet has really opened up the art world.  Websites like have made it so easy to buy and sell great quality affordable art.  For me it is the way forward.

Another Rainy Day
Por: squirrell
The Last of the Leaves.
Por: squirrell

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El espíritu inquieto de Guzk



Guzk es el apodo artístico de Eguzkiñe (Guipuzcoa- España). Su espíritu inquieto e incorformista la ha llevado a probar y a experimentar con muchas de las facetas que giran en torno al mundo de las Artes Gráficas, aunque su verdadera pasión radica en la pintura y la ilustración tradicional con ciertos guiños al Photoshop.

Su obra captura sensaciones que son traducidas y reexpresadas a través del color, el contraste, las líneas y las formas orgánicas provenientes del gesto espontáneo y la comunicación no verbal. Le gusta representar personajes femeninos cuyas emociones se descifran a través de los ojos de sus figuras, aportando mucha fuerza y vitalidad. Así mismo incorpora en sus ilustraciones elementos  propios del diseño gráfico (texturas, motivos, tipografía, etc.), convirtiendo cada uno de sus dibujos en originales mezclas de fusión artística.



Guzk is the pseudonym of artist Eguzkiñe form Guipuzcoa, Spain. Her non-conformity and her restless spirit have led her to try and experiment with the many differents aspects which surround the world of Graphic Arts and Design, eventhough her true passion lies in painting and traditional illustration with bold nods to Photoshop.

Her work captures feelings that are translated into color, contrast, lines and organic forms that arise from the spontaneous gesture and nonverbal communication. She likes to represent female characters whose emotions are decoded through the eyes, providing great strength and vitality. Guzk also incorporates typical elements of graphic design into her illustrations (textures, motifs, typeface, etc..), converting each of the drawings into an original mix of artistic fusion.

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Paisajes de papel


Paisajes de Papel, de José Robles

Dicen que el minimalismo consiste en realizar obras de arte con elementos cada vez menos complejos y materiales poco manipulados, que lejos de resultar difíciles, consiguen involucrar al espectador para hacerle pensar sobre los procedimientos del arte.   

Paisajes de Papel es algo así. Un conjunto de obras firmadas por José Robles, que retratan planos convertidos en paisajes esculpidos en papel sin caer en lo complejo, sin recurrir prácticamente a los colores.  Son pequeños fragmentos de arte conceptual que ponen de manifiesto, aunque sea de manera inconsciente, la estética minimalista y el sentido estético de este artista que sin saberlo lo es.

paisaje de papel 3
Por: joserobles
paisaje de papel 4
Por: joserobles
paisaje de papel 5
Por: joserobles

It is said that minimalism is making something artistic out of elements increasingly simple and minimally processed, that far from being difficult to understand, it manages to engage the viewer to make him think about art procedures.

Paisajes de Papel (Paper Landscapes) is something like this. A collection of works by José Robles, which captures surfaces converted into  landscapes sculpted on paper, without any complexity and practically without appealing to color. Pieces of conceptual art that highlights -albeit unconsciously-, the minimalist aesthetic and the aesthetic sense of this great artist, even though he might not be aware of it.